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Time zone: CST (Saskatchewan)
Settled in: 1904
Incorporated: 1905
Elevation: 1510
Geolocation:  Latitude 51.5667   Longitute -101.9

Population (2016 Census):  1899
Trading area: ~20,000
Highest population (number): 2941
Highest population (year): 1961

Average annual temperature: January -21°C, April 2.5°C, July 18.1°C, October 4.8°C
Average annual rainfall: January N/A, April 10.1 mm, July 54.2 mm, October 14.9 mm
Average annual snowfall: January 18.5 cm, April 11.1 cm, July N/A, October 5.4 cm
Gardening zone: 2
Nearest weather station:  Cote

Water Source: Aquifer & Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System 
Sewage Treatment Type: Lagoon

Number of dwellings: 1020
Average number of bedroom: 2.6
Average number of rooms: 5.8
Owned: 755
Rented: 265
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