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Effective August 18, 2008, the Town of Kamsack passed a new and aggressive policy for the sale of town-owned lots, to meet our vision, "to become a growing, vibrant community of preference."  This policy is intended to be affordable so that you can enjoy, live and invest in the Town of Kamsack. Lots in some surrounding communities are selling for as much as $70,000 or more. It just makes sense to consider Kamsack, the Garden of Saskatchewan!

and once you build....

Town Lots Available as of October 28th, 2020:

Sale of Town Owned Property Policy & Application

Residential Lots

Residential town owned lots are sold at $5,000 each, and if an improvement is constructed and finished on that lot within two calendar years of the date of the agreement for sale, a $2,000 refund will be provided to the property owner. 

Existing residential property owners can purchase an adjacent lot for $100 on the condition they consolidate the lot with their existing property. The improvement rebate will not apply to these lots.

Commercial and Industrial Lots

Commercial Town owned lots will be sold  for $200.00 per frontage foot.

All fees associated with transferring the title are the responsibility of the purchaser.
Purchases may be eligible for a Business Tax Concession (See the Business Property Tax Concession Bylaw).

Important information
Most town lots are serviced with water and sewer to the curb stop. Lot sizes vary from 25 feet to 75 feet frontage and 100 feet to 150 feet deep. We have a mix of residential, commercial and industrial lots available throughout our community. 

The property tax concession bylaws, both residential and commercial, will not apply to the improvements constructed on these properties. Purchasers of lots under this bylaw are responsible for all fees associated with the transferring the title. In Saskatchewan, all transfers are done through ISC (Information Services Corporation) of Saskatchewan (Land Titles Office). For more information on ISC and fees, call

1-866-275-4721. To assist you with your transfers, you may contact one of our local lawyers’ offices or accounting offices who offer this service. Transfer costs are approximately $100.

All relevant municipal, provincial and federal legislation regarding the sale and subsequent development of the property is to be followed. For more information on the permitted uses and/or building codes, refer to our Zoning Bylaw or contact our Bylaw Officer or Administrator at (306) 542-2155.

Additional services provided by the town include building permits, inspections and the provision of water from the curb to the house.

It just makes sense to consider the Town of Kamsack, the Garden of Saskatchewan.