The former Power Building is a Municipal Heritage Property located north of Highway 5 on the outskirts of Kamsack. The property features a one-storey industrial building constructed of brick, which now serves as the museum. The museum is open from May long weekend to September Long weekend. There are daily admission fees or you can buy a season ticket, which are always great value for families and friends. 

The heritage value of the Former Power Building lies in its architecture. Constructed in 1914-1915 and designed to house the municipal generators, the functional design of this building nevertheless incorporates decorative elements that exude stability and modernity. The locally manufactured brick work incorporates several elements that mimic frame-design, a common industrial design prior to brick construction.

The heritage value of the Former Power Building also lies in its association with the history of Kamsack. The generators in this building supplied Kamsack and several surrounding communities with electricity between 1915 and 1960. Since the early 1980s the building has served as an important cultural landmark by housing the Kamsack and District Museum.

For more information on the Power House Museum contact KPHMuseum@gmail.com or call 306-542-4415 during the season or Lydia Cherkas - 542-3055, Darlene Brown - 542-7368 or Cliff Paluck - 542-3312 throughout the year.

power house museum