playhouse theatre 

The Capital Theatre at 566 First Street is a Municipal Heritage Property located on two commercial lots in Kamsack.  The property features a two-storey concrete building with a prominent marquee.

The heritage value of the Capital Theatre resides in its historical use as a theatre.  This 350 seat theatre was constructed in 1948 as a venue for both film and live performances.  The façade is clad in stone on the first level and features a marquee.  The interior includes several art modern elements, such as signage and decorative bands, evoking the modernity of film.  A mural depicting a romanticized landscape on the rear wall of the auditorium emphasizes the escapism associated with movie-going.

The heritage value of the Capital Theatre also lies in its status as a community centre.  Owned corporately since the late 1980’s, the theatre continues to show films while also hosting concerts, recitals and other events.  The theatre is the region’s major performance venue.  As the oldest and last theatre in Kamsack, it is a landmark in the community.

More recently the Capital Theatre has be the site of the newly formed Kamsack Players’ Drama Group which has brought live theatre back to the community.