Welcome to Kamsack, a town rich in history and filled with promise.

The lands around what is now Kamsack were originally settled in the 1880s by a handful of agricultural settlers. The farming area around Kamsack was well settled by 1905. These farms consisted of a variety of ethnic groups which are still present to this day. Doukhobours, Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans and Eastern Canadians were all among the early settlers to the area.

In 1903 the C.N.R. railway and station were built which literally forced the birth of Kamsack, which was incorporated on January 1st, 1905. The name Kamsack came from an early post office of the same name, which was located in an early settler’s home.

The first buildings were constructed in 1904 along the north side of the C.N.R right of way. These included a general store, drug store, pool room, hotel and post office. In the spring of 1905 the first school was opened in the Hallson building. The village grew rapidly and by 1911 it had a population of over 500 people and was declared a town. The town continued to expand and by 1913 its assessment totalled $1.2 million. In the summer of 1914 construction was started on the waterworks, sewage system and electric light plant. By 1921 the population was in excess of 2000 people and the expansion of services continued to take place.

During the depression years Kamsack suffered, as did all communities during the period, and as a result the town's population dropped to 1800 people. This exodus of people was small compared to many other communities and Kamsack survived.  August 9, 1944 the "Kamsack Cyclone" ripped through town destroying 400 homes and 100 businesses causing an estimated $2 million in damage.  The rebuilding process began again with the help of the veterans returning from W.W.II. As it turned out, this period turned into the biggest building boom in the town's history.

This building period included business, public and residential sections of the town. Water and sewer systems were extended, streets were paved and cement sidewalks were built. The building boom continued right up to 1961 when the census showed 2941 residents in the town. It was around this time when Kamsack saw the addition of the Duck Mountain Motel, the Kamsack Airstrip, the Credit Union and the arrival of a new Pioneer Grain Elevator. When the 1970s rolled around Kamsack saw its business district continue to grow with the arrival of the Royal Bank, the construction of the "Kamplex" (a dual purpose hockey and curling rink) and construction began on the new hospital.

Kamsack has continued to advance. We have seen the establishment of housing projects for seniors as well as for families. The internet came to town, the Duck Mountain Park continued to attract thousands of people every year, and a new inland grain terminal was constructed, but to name a few.

Today the Town of Kamsack and area is continuing to work to improve the community, developing new business ideas as well as promoting those that already exist. We hope that this website will show the beauty and opportunity that exist within the area. The Garden of Saskatchewan truly is a wonderful place to be.