Live Webcam

Current WebKam View

The following companies and organizations have made this webkam possible:

If you cannot view the web cam, you may need to update your web software. Java is required and a current browser is recommended.

Download Java software (free) 
Download Internet Explorer
Download Firefox

System requirements:

  • A Java-enabled recent version of your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • Operating system: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
Camera instructions:

  1. Click this button to take control of the camera. You are limited to 45 seconds of control if there are others waiting (up to 10 people can be in the queue).
  2. This tells you how much time you have remaining before losing control of the camera (if others are waiting) or how much time until you get control.
  3. You can select a preset view to save manually panning and zooming the camera.
  4. You can pan the camera with this scroll bar by clicking the left/right arrows at either end, clicking to the left or right of the little bar, or dragging the bar.
  5. The camera's tilt angle is controlled with this scroll bar similar to the pan bar.
  6. Zoom the camera in (one tree) or out (3 trees) with this scroll bar.
  7. Choose a specific spot within the camera's range.
  8. Click this button to take a snapshot of the current view. The picture will be displayed in a separate window where you can save it if you wish.

Note: The camera is limited to 20 viewers at a time in order to preserve some image quality. Avoid "idling" on the control site to ensure that every one gets a chance to view the camera.

The Kamera will be taking pictures automatically every hour so there will be a brief loss of control while it does that.