cn trackside garden 

A Kamsack Revitalization Project

Originally CN Rail maintained a formal English garden alongside the railway track near the CN station. A full time employee cared for the gardens, that were admired by all that saw them. However when CN reduced service in the community in the 1950s, the garden was left to become overgrown and unsightly.

In 1996 a group of volunteers spearheaded by Gloria Hunter, Helen MacFarlane and Ron Larson organized the Kamsack Beautification Project. Improving the overall appearance of our community  was their goal, and the Trackside Garden was part of the plan. This later turned into the Kamsack Revitalization project.

Work began in early 1997, first with clean up, then placing top soil, crushed rocks and stones.  And so it began and has continued ever since. Volunteers are responsible for all the work of maintaining the gardens. Each year projects are added to improve the gardens, including an original CN caboose with a full deck around it for outdoor activities that housed the Kamsack Tourism information booth in 2007; and the Centennial project History Mural erected in 2005 at the west end of the garden, documenting the history of our community.

Many people work throughout the year to keep the gardens attractive. Memorial donations from local residents has funded most of the improvements.

The last surviving wooden grain elevators flank the south side of the gardens -- a sampling of the original 13 that Kamsack was home to as a result of the productive land in our area -- are a reminder of how our agricultural industry has evolved over the last 50 years.

CN Trackside Gardens Committee:

CN Trackside Gardens Committee is an informal group of volunteers who meet every Tuesday Morning at 8 am (if it's hot) or 9 am (if it's cold) and work for approximately one hour each week.  This group is open to anyone willing to help. For more information, contact committee chair Audrey Horkoff at 306-542-4472.

Current members are:
Eve Banks
Joan Walsh
Ellie Kilmister
Audrey Horkoff
Elaine Krasnikoff
Eileen Chutskoff
Kathy Cooper
Joanne Phillips
Dot Davies
Adeline Nykolaishen