The following arts and cultural organizations are active in Kamsack:

Powerhouse Museum
Contact: Lydia Cherkas at 542-4415 or
Located next to the Riverside Golf Course is Kamsack’s Powerhouse Museum. This volunteer

run facility is rich in Kamsack’s History. It is here where you will learn how Kamsack used to

generate its own power (photo at right) and stories of survival during the Kamsack Cyclone

and much more.

Kamsack Playhouse Theatre
Contact: Brenda Wyllychuk at 542-4405
Located right in downtown Kamsack, this 100 year old building is home to live performances

including recitals, plays and concerts from various groups in the community (photo below right).

Volunteers help provide weekly movies and live performance such as those of the Kamsack

Players Drama Club and Music Festival. They meet the last Tuesday of the month.

Community Choir
Contact: Westminster United Church
Open to any persons in the community wishing to sing in a choir. This groups will perform at

community events, concerts and Remembrance Day.
Heart & Home Quilting Club
Contact Colleen Koroluk at 542-2992
Everyone interested in quilting is welcome to join.  Starts at 7 pm, United Church Basement.
Kamsack History Room
Contact: Library at 542-3787
The History Room is home to Kamsack’s historical documents, news stories and family history. It is located next to the Parkland Regional Library at 241 2nd Street – Crowstand Center. Open by appointment only.
Kamsack Players Drama Club
Contact: Nancy Brunt
Are you an actor or interested in drama? This club produces two live theatre plays per year. Volunteer for this fun organization. They are seeking persons who wish to volunteer with acting, lighting, sound, make-up and props.
Kamsack Horticultural Society
Contact: Cindy Koreluik at 542-3886(w)
This club is for the gardening enthusiasts. Club activities include seminars, plant swapping, festivals and more.

CN Trackside Garden Committee
Contact: Audrey Horkoff at 542-3369
This club is responsible for one of Kamsack’s greatest attractions

– the CN Trackside Gardens (photo at right). The garden is located

along the tracks on Railway Ave. They meet once a week to take

care of the beds and ensure that our community is presented well.

Call for more details.

Sadok Ukrainian Dancing
Contact:  Kelly Hilton 542-7953
Learn Ukrainian dance in traditional costumes. Children and youth classes. Call for details.

arts and cultural organizations